Custom Memory Pendant Necklace


Customize your own Memory Pendant Necklace with your most cherished memory. This timeless, classic keepsake charm is perfect for a beautiful memory tribute or to represent someone special. This locket allows you to carry the thought of them with you all day long.

Material: Brass

Please Note:

Please pick a picture with a high resolution. This will preserve the most detail because the photo will be shrunken. Do not pick a photo collage. Avoid using photographs of photos. Selecting a photo with a face that is closely cropped is not recommended. This makes cropping incredibly difficult and runs the risk of wasting space or cutting off faces. Try to select a photo with people standing close to one another if you are choosing a picture with many people. Distance will make the detail less clear.


Custom Order Processing

All custom-made orders require a processing time of 2-4 weeks to be crafted from scratch. We assure you it will be worth the wait!  These items are truly handmade by our staff and take a lot of time and care to perfect. Once your item is completed, inspected, and packaged, an automated email containing tracking information will be sent to you.

Orders will be shipped promptly after they have been processed.